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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Florida Hurricane Attorney Bad Faith - Storm Track Database

Florida Hurricane Attorney has found an MSNBC database of all 238 storms that have made landfall since 1851. It can search and map by address, state, year, and almost any other statistic.

It is free here.

Florida Hurricane Attorney Bad Faith

Hurricane Insurance Judgement - Florida Hurricane Attorney Reports

Bad Faith Claims, Bad Faith, Florida Hurricane Lawyer, Florida Hurricane Attorney, Florida Hurricane Attorney in a continuing investigation of bad faith claims by insurers reports that a $92.8 million judgment was rendered against a huge statewide property insurer. That amount has since grown to $95 million with interest. The insurance company has appealed and the policy holders are left penniless. The Judge ruled that the insurer did not make timely payments on adjustments or claims from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 to 18,573 policyholders .

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Florida Hurricane Bad Faith Claim - Represent Yourself?

Florida Hurricane Attorney Bad Faith Lawyer
Florida Hurricane Bad Faith Claims Attorney Reports: One property owner decided to go it alone versus an insurance company. The owner did not know the complaicated rules and laws that apply when making claims against and insurance company. Her claim was tossed on a technicality. A critical rule on the timing of court filings was missed. The insurance company and their bevy of lawyers pounced on the detail and the bad faith claim was thrown out of court. Complete Story is here.

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Florida Hurricane Bad Faith Claims - Condominium Lawsuits

Florida Insurance Bad Faith Claims Attorney Lawyer
Florida Hurricane Attorney Reports: Florida is flooded with lawsuits by angry condo owners who have been left out by their insurance companies. Some condominium associations have borrowed the money to make repairs, while their insurance company continues to drag their claims out. Bad faith suits have been filed. One insurer has "been sued 72 times in federal and state courts over claims that the company has either delayed or denied payment on claims." The complete story is here.

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