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Friday, September 24, 2010

Tropical Storm Matthew Not Expected to Impact Florida

Tropical Storm Matthew is near the Honduras/Nicaragua border Friday afternoon September 24, 2010 with heavy rain. Matthew not expected to impact Florida weather. Unstable air from TS Matthew and may develop into another low over the Caribbean next week. That system may impact Florida.

Source BayNews9

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Florida Hurricane Claims in The Supreme Court

Insurance Company Fights
Hurricane Claims Verdict
Florida Hurricane Claims are now in front of The Florida Supreme Court. We will update this story when the Florida Supreme Court rules on this huge case. According to the Insurance Company, This case is about "an insurance claim for property damage suffered in Hurricane Wilma, which struck South Florida in 2005. The condominium buildings of the insured were among the buildings in Boca Raton affected by the hurricane. A week after the hurricane, the chairman of the insured‟s association advised the unit owners that the majority of units had no damage. Nevertheless, after a six-day trial in federal district court, a jury awarded $8,140,099.68 in damages." The complete Brief from the Insurance Company can be found here.

The Condominium Association stated "The actual jury award was for $8,140,099.68, allocating $7,868,211 to QBE’s breach of the coverage provision of the contract and $271,888 for breach of the implied warranty of good faith and fair dealing." The complete Condominium Association Brief can be found here.